I don’t know what to call this relationship. It’s as pure as dad/daughter’s relationship. It’s as cute as mom/son’s relationship. It’s as charming as brother’s relationship. We were born at different times in different places and to different parents altogether. And this world has brought us together after 27 yrs of my life in this world.

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I’ve always been very busy putting work life before personal. I’ve always had a diplomatic relationship (and I don’t call it friendship) with almost everyone (except very few) maybe because of the fear I’ve in trusting a person. I’ve always been cautious about any relationships other than blood’s because of the fear in the pain of betrayal. The betrayal in real is something not a person does to you. It is the trust and expectation you have on them that breaks. I’ve always been a step way from my relationships as many of them have always ended in betrayal when I’d gone close. A friend is someone is who never expects from you and neither you expect from them. But when they do that’s not friendship. A friendship doesn’t come with Terms & Conditions. A friend in need in friend indeed. Well I’ve got only a very few of them and I feel lucky of having them.

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But relationship with this person is beyond the being friends. A soulmate I would call. I don’t remember how we got connected but it was instant. I would like to recollect one of the best and most beautiful memories of my life so far. He was my super junior at work and I drop him home every time I go to my house. In one such journeys, I knowingly/unknowingly uttered I wanted to buy a drone. I don’t even remember when I did so. To my surprise on my birthday (at least after 7 months I’ve said) I was gifted one. And, of course you know who gifted it by now.

Ahh….. Buying a drone….. Did that make you think he is the best one you’ve got in your life out of this whole world?

Did this question pop in your minds? Well that’s an obvious one. It wasn’t because of drone he bought me but because of the circumstances in which he bought me showed his pure affection for me. He was running his family on a loan and always on a very tight budget but he secured atleast 6-7k out of the loan for me to buy a drone. Who in the entire world would buy you such a costly gift which you dreamt of, by taking a loan and had no expectations in return from you except to look at surprised and happy face of yours…..

Doesn’t that show you the true love…. Well don’t get jealous…..

He’d always surprised me with his love and affection. He’d always fought with me as my own kin. He’d always put him before me. Well he is 4 years younger than me and remains as my Boss Baby!!!… And I’m his Timothy Leslie Templeton. I wish to cherish this relationship forever and ever many how many births we take……..

I still don’t know what to name this relationship as …….