One of the common issues faced in Indian trains is adjusting the berth with a co-RAC passenger. Yesterday I faced the same situation. Time was ticking I was literally praying god that my berth sharer shouldn’t turn up. Times up! OMG train moved and he didn’t come wow I was really happy.

But there is a chance he might board in the next big stoppage. And to my surprise, yes he did board. Now as every other people, need to talk to TTE and get a berth for myself or the co-passenger so that both will get a berth separately and could sleep without any issues. It was a hard-luck we couldn’t manage a berth. The man offered me the berth and suddenly slept on the floor without a thought.


Till date, I haven’t seen a person share his seat for other just like that. Moreover, the person had nothing to put on the ground. He had his bag as the pillow and slept like that on the floor in the pathway. This shook me and taught me new things.

He might be too sleepy to give up his seat (Kidding)
He thought sacrificing for a younger one is a good thing.
He found his happiness in the happiness of others!
His sacrifice might have been small but to take a step towards such a small feat needs a great heart. This great man had one!

What are your thoughts on his sacrifice? let me know in the comments 🙂